About Us

My passion is sports. I wanted to work at KNBR since I was a little dude. I went back to school and got my degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts @ SF State and used internship opportunities at KNBR, Comcast & The SF Giants to eventually land a job at KNBR. I am now the Assistant Producer for The Gary Radnich Show and The Fitz & Brooks show on KNBR. I am literally one of the happiest people in the world and I am giddy at the thought I may get to have a career in broadcasting and get paid to talk about sports! As far as my weekly podcast,The Think Tank, it is a revival of my show on KSFS, Sf State Radio where my love for radio truly blossomed. I hope you enjoy the shows, I know I love creating them! I pledge to speak the truth even if the truth hurts!

The "Danimal" is a graduate of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts @ SF State Univ in 2010. His passion is music. He plays a variety of instruments and even plays saxaphone in local band. He is also a talented producer and rising sound editor at KNBR. Dan brings a laid back "yeah, no problem man" attitude but the guy also can bring the noise!