Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THE THINK TANK Episode 8......

Episode 8 of THE THINK TANK was recorded on Monday, March 30th 2009. When I record the shows, I break it up into two parts. I record these parts on 2 separate discs. I had a problem with disc one from tonights show, uploading it onto the blog. I will attempt to fix the CD or find another avenue to upload it onto the blog. I will have the episode up by the end of the week. Here is Part 2, and hopefully Part 1 will follow. The show was great, Big Papa got blasted for his Gonzaga Final Four prediction going up in flames... and speaking of Flames, the Sharks pulled out a huge 2-1 victory in Calgary without the services of Captain Patrick Marleau. With the win, the Sharks pull four points ahead of Detroit for number 1 in the West and number 1 in the NHL. This one is coming down to the wire!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

THE THINK TANK Episode 7- PART 1 3/23/09

In the latest installment of THE THINK TANK, we welcome back Diamond Dave Saunders and we welcome for the first time Nick (Tuch $$Money$$) Vertucci who came with some good knowledge. We discuss the NCAA tourney and preview the upcoming NHL playoffs. I hope you enjoy!!

THE THINK TANK Episode 7- PART 2 3/23/09

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

THE THINK TANK Episode 6- PART 1 3/16/09

The following is the 6th episode of "The Think Tank". MARCH MADNESS is in the air. Big Papa and myself debate our bracket choices and dig deep to uncover those Tourney gems that make big noise in the tourney each year. We had a nice core of solid calls tonight and had KSFS's own Jordan Stepp call in and lace us with his tourney insight. Also an in studio visit by Zach "The Zach Attack" Stone who accused Big Papa of taking drugs when Papa called out Gonzaga in the Final Four. I guess time will tell!!!!

THE THINK TANK Episode 6- PART 2 3/16/09

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

THE THINK TANK Episode 5-Part 1- 3/9/09

The first 10 minutes of this episode is not available due to the fact I had not started recording yet! So much goes into running the show, and sometimes little things like pushing record or adjusting the volume don't get handled! All in all, the show has been a blast so far this semester, and I hope you all find THE THINK TANK enjoyable!

THE THINK TANK Episode 5- Part 2- 3/9/09

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

THE THINK TANK Episode 4 Part 1

In this episode, Big Papa Ko, and Mr. San Felipe and I interview Mike Sarysz from NBC's Momma's Boys. In the second hour of episode 4, I replay the interview BPKO and I conducted with KNBR's Dan Dibbley who is also an SF State alum! This was my favorite episode of the year thus far!

THE THINK TANK Episode 4 Part 2