Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THE THINK TANK Episode 8......

Episode 8 of THE THINK TANK was recorded on Monday, March 30th 2009. When I record the shows, I break it up into two parts. I record these parts on 2 separate discs. I had a problem with disc one from tonights show, uploading it onto the blog. I will attempt to fix the CD or find another avenue to upload it onto the blog. I will have the episode up by the end of the week. Here is Part 2, and hopefully Part 1 will follow. The show was great, Big Papa got blasted for his Gonzaga Final Four prediction going up in flames... and speaking of Flames, the Sharks pulled out a huge 2-1 victory in Calgary without the services of Captain Patrick Marleau. With the win, the Sharks pull four points ahead of Detroit for number 1 in the West and number 1 in the NHL. This one is coming down to the wire!!!

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