Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jay Cutler is a Chicago Bear

On Thursday, the Chicago Bears filled a huge hole of want and need that had been hanging over the franchise for 25 years. They acquired disgruntled, former first round pick Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos. The Bears made this move at a huge cost, sending QB Kyle Orton, a first round pick in this years draft, a first rounder next year and a third this year. In addition to Cutler, the Bears received a fifth round pick this year. Many would argue that Cutler came at too high of a price, but the reality is if you have a chance to acquire a blue chip talent like Cutler who already has a pro-bowl on the resume, you have to take that chance.
Historically the Bears have made some less than stellar assessments on draft day regarding their first round pick. Names like Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman, Dave Terell, Curtis Enis, and everyone's favorite, Cedric Benson don't exactly inspire a lot of confidence. And these are just the first round blunders of the last 10 years. The bottom line is that Bears GM, Jerry Angelo and head coach, Lovie Smith are on the hot seat. They have an aging defense and are very thin at Wide Receiver. Kyle Orton made some good strides last year, but the arm strength is an issue with him. Cutler may be a tad immature, but this Bear team is full of veterans and that type of behavior won't be tolerated in Chicago. Cutler is a Bears fan from childhood, being an Indiana native and with former Vanderbilt players Chris Williams and Earl Bennett, it should make Cutler's transition much easier. Yeah the Bears paid a high price, but if you want quality, you have to pay for it. And as far as the first round picks, the next Cade McNown is only a bad decision away from being on the Bears roster. Props to the normally tight fisted Bears for making a clear effort to better this football team.
Cutler is 25 years old with 3 years of NFL experience. His best years are ahead of him and he will spend those years in the orange and blue. Best of luck to Kyle Orton in Denver. His 15-2 record at Soldier Field is a high standard, but Cutler is clearly a cut above in the talent department. Bears running back, Matt Forte and tight end, Greg Olsen will benefit right away from the arrival of Cutler. And how about this call: Cutler to Hester could be a VERY dangerous combo. Look for the Bears to challenge for a wide open NFC North and possibly get back to the playoffs. Cutler came at a huge price, but when you dissect Bears draft history and their need for a franchise arm, it was hardly a high price at all. Bear Down.
-Ryan Covay

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