Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Game seven. Anyone want a Stanley Cup?

Well the Penguins did it. Barely. After being embarrassed in Detroit in Game 5 to the tune of 5-0, the Penguins got new life with a superb defensive effort. They did just enough scoring and came away with a 2-1 victory over everyone's favorite dynasty, the Detroit Red Wings(Hold on, I might vomit). So here we go, winner take all, one night only, a chance for the Pens to etch their names on the holy grail. Can Pitt win in Detroit? I'm not so sure. But one thing is for certain: In a one game series, ANYTHING can happen.
So what will it take for the Pens to hoist the cup in Motown? The first goal of the game would be nice. But...they scored first in Games 1 & 2 and the Wings found a way to come back. Time for Sidney Crosby to step up and create his own legacy. Independent of the legacy that the NHL promotions department have created since the day he came to the league and was anointed the next Mario Lemiuex. Crosby had a much better effort in Game 6, but he and Evgeni Malkin both have 0 points in the last two games. It wouldn't seem likely that the Pens would win Game 7 without offensive contributions from these 2 superstars. Chris Osgood has had alot to do with the recent struggles of the Pens top players. He has been nothing short of brilliant and if the Wings win Game 7, he is lock for the Conn Smythe. Are you taking note Evgeni Nabokov?
If the Pens win Game 7 and capture Lord Stanley, they will have beaten Detroit 4 out of the last 5 games, a feat which I have stated I don't think is possible. Losing the first 2 games in Detroit put them in a hole I didn't think they could possibly recover from. Joe Louis Arena will be a MAD house and it is no surprise the Penguins haven't found a way to win there yet. The Wings are a different team at home and you have to think their leadership core (now fully intact) will have that club ready to go. Bottom line is Friday will be one hell of a game and as a Shark fan, this is a close to the Cup Finals as I may get for a long time!

Prediction- Detroit 4, Pittsburgh 2.

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