Saturday, July 16, 2011

Steven Seaweed and I @ Golden Gate Fields

One of the huge bonuses of working for Cumulus and KNBR at 55 Hawthorne is that we are also home to 107.7 The Bone. As a classic rock fan myself it is a real treat to watch people like Lamont & Tonelli (and Sully and Baby Huey also!), Nikki Blakk, Jaeger, and of course a man who I respect and have been listening to my entire life, Steven Seaweed do their respective shows. Steven has always been very welcoming and sincere since the first time I spoke with him and he has given me a lot of advice as to how to get my broadcasting career off the ground. I consider him a true mentor and of course a living legend! Much love Weedman! And congrats to his new producer, Ander Fischer! That's my boy!

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